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    Monitor & Secure

    We make it easy for you like a breeze to see in real time what is going on at the moment.

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    Partnering with us guarantees you a High Quality Services And Maintenance.
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    Our Focus

    Our focus is to protect you against unauthorized access to your properties.

    Understanding Your Needs

    Understanding the customer's needs has enabled us to customize a system technologies and source products that best meets our client's needs.

    Guaranteed Satisfaction

    Our top priority is your security and protection against unwanted access,
    We help customers find the right solution.

    Industry Expertise

    We are specialists in video surveillance solutions, CCTV & Maintenance.

    Our focus is your protection, which has enabled us to design custom systems and source products that best serve the specific needs of our customers and industry.

    We Stand For Quality
    We design, We supply, We install & We maintain.

    Product Features Includes:

    Protect Your Valuable Assets

    Monitor Your Apartment 24/7

    Monitor Your Apartment in Real Time via wired connection…
    We make it easy for you like a breez to see in real time what is going on at the moment even when you’re out of the country via wired connection…

    Monitor Your Employee

    Is your employee cheating at work, sleeping or doing things that doesn’t relate to their job…?

    Partner with us

    Let’s Work Together To Secure & Grow Your Business

    Keep an eye on School Premises in Real Time

    Curious to know what student does at the class room, or during exams…?

    Your Video Surveillance CCTV Camera is the tool for the job to catch them all red handed.

    Ensuring The Best Security Technologies To Your Home And Offices.

    INTERVOICE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is a company that specializes in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems.

    These systems are designed to suit customer’s individual requirements.

    Know me 👇
    Hi 👋

    I’m Mr. Favour .N. Obareki

    I'm the Managing Director in InterVoice Technologies

    I have ten (10) years of experience in video surveillance, working with clients from different locations here in Nigeria and outside the state.

    My experience and knowledge in the field have exposed me to many areas in video surveillance to give a specific recommendation that truly provides the intended result for our customers.

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    My skills



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    Why Work With Us

    About InterVoice Technologies

    InterVoice Technologies has been at the forefront of the Video Surveillance and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Industry in Nigeria since 2009.

    The Team

    We are award- winning team

    INTERVOICE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is the leader in the delivery of video surveillance solutions with innovative team to help our customers find the right solutions.

    robart clon

    Creative Director

    Favour .N. Obareki

    Creative Director

    Delivering Value To Customers

    Our Believe

    We believe value is created by providing customized, reliable, and easy-to-maintain surveillance solutions that truly benefit our customers.

    Meeting Customer's Experience

    InterVoice is your solution in helping you find the best quality at the right price.

    Easing Your Mind

    Relax your the mind while your smart security camera systems watch out for you.

    Report Analysis

    Get report and payback via mobile and PC devices in real time.

    Our Assurance

    With over 10 years experience… We guarantee satisfaction!

    One Step Ahead To Protect Your Valuable Assets...

    We Ensure the best return for your investment.


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    interested in working with me as well?

    Happy clients say

    Testimonials ❤️
    • "Just thought I’d reach out to let you know that everything has been working great with the cameras installed last last year.

      Since then, they've work  really great."

    • "We have been very pleased with the system, the individuals who represent the company and the security in which it brings to our stores. The CCTV program also allows us to view the retail stores & bakery facility within one application, which has been a great function of the program."

    • "The system has become an invaluable tool to our everyday activities and I cannot imagine doing business without it. With capabilities to view our premises from virtually anywhere, the system has given us the flexibility and peace of mind we were looking for."

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